Zvezda 3550 1/35 T-72B Soviet Mbt (Re-Release) Plastic Model Kit

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Combined model - Soviet main battle tank T-72B (LIMITED EDITION).
Historical note: T-72B is a further modernization of the T-72 tank, which has been produced since 1985. Compared to previous versions, this version features a new improved 125-mm cannon, improved observation and firing devices, a more powerful engine, and increased frontal part of the tower with new multi-layer armor. In addition, the Svir 9K120 guided missile system (AT-11 Sniper) is placed on the tank.

A set of plastic parts for the assembly of a single model tank.

The model is assembled with the help of a special glue manufactured by the Zvezda enterprise.

Glue and paint sold separately from the kit.

The kit includes:

  • castings

  • assembly instructions

  • decal

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