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Iwata IS925HT Power Jet Lite Handle Tank Compressor


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Everything you loved with the IS925, with a Carry Handle Air Tank. Thats right, the air tank is in the handle. How cool is that. The IS925HT features an adjustable pressure regulator, auto shut off, Moisture filter and Air Tank.

Iwata® IS925 HT Power Jet Plus air compressor is perfect for:

  • custom graphics
  • sign writing
  • bakery
  • fine arts
  • automotive repair
  • general airbrushing
  • commercial illustration
  • hobbies/models
  • crafts
  • fingernail painting
  • cosmetics
  • spray tanning

The Power Jet Plus has a 1/4 hp twin piston motor and an air flow of 1.37 cfm or 36 litres per minute, @25 psi : 24 lpm.

This unit weighs in at 7.1kg, dimensions are 28 x 16 x 27.5cm and it comes with an air hose, moisture filter, adjustable pressure regulator and an air tank built into the handle.
Included is a 12 month warranty, refer to Iwata® terms and conditions.