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Sparmax AC-501X Air Compressor


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Housed in a curved metal case, the AC-501X model provides airbrush enthusiasts with a performance level which matches its aesthetic appeal. The regulator and gauge combo is also protected by the case. The case itself has also proven to be popular with customers who have gone on to customizing it with their own designs after purchase; the smooth finishing is compatible with stickers, paints, and of course, airbrush colors. Reduction of moisture in the output air is also helped by the inclusion of the patented Silver Bullet moisture trap. Whether in your own garage or a beauty salon, the AC-501X wouldn’t miss a beat. An ideal unit for any airbrush enthusiast.

This compressor has a 1/8 inch outlet.


  • Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
  • 2M braided hose
  • Case mounted Pressure regulator and gauge set
  • Auto On/Off Switch of 40 psi/60 psi
  • With SilverBullet airbrush moisture trap
  • Detachable airbrush holder
  • Suitable for general arts, hobby, makeup, nail art, body art and temporary body tattoo