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This amazing 14kg, 1m long craft is ready to go fishing whenever you are. No need for frozen baits, the right wind or good weather. Designed to be in the ocean, when this phenomenal little bait boat hits the water, it is exactly where it wants to be. Fully submersible and totally self righting, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo ’X’ remains the most versatile and reliable RC bait delivery craft on the market today.

It can easily be transformed from a stealthy ocean predator into a nimble dam navigator by simply attaching our custom made twin tip bait-trays which allows the boat to tow up to three lines at once. Those who have been privileged to fish with our boats agree that the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper is without a doubt the ultimate fishing tool for both salt- and freshwater angling.

The Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo ‘X’ is available in two bright tropical colours – Cherry Red and Canary Yellow with white hull. There are also many handy optional accessories available e.g. the Aqua Caddy (a versatile boat / tackle cart), night light for dam fishing, spare rechargeable batteries, inverter for charging boat batteries from your vehicle on site, mains chargers and more. You are most welcome to drop us an email to request further info, a current price / product list and order form. It is important to note that our boats are only built on order only and usually subject to a lead time of around 3 – 5 weeks, so if you’re planning a fishing trip it is advisable to place your order timeously to avoid disappointment.

Dimensions: L 103cm, W 29cm, D 27cm
Weight: 14kg with batteries loaded
Radio System: 3 Channel 2.4GHz remote control with proprietary long range RX antenna
Radio range: 1 – 1.2km depending on water conditions
Motor Transmission: Geared 1kw Brushless Motor
Speed Control: Electronic Speed Controller
Battery Requirement: 2 x 9amp/hr 12v Sealed Lead Acid Cells

Maximum distance per single charge:
Power Prop: 1600m at full throttle (On one charge) 2400m at 2/3 throttle
Maximum Speed: 170m/min (Power Propeller) and120m/min (Economy Propeller)

Battery Recharge Time: 2 – 10 hours (depending on battery condition)

Charging Requirements: 14.8v 2amp charger with automatic full charge turn-off

1x Pre-Assembled Aquacat Dinglehopper
1x Remote
2x 12v Batteries
1x Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Needed To Complete:
Suitable Charger


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