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Digitrax LNRP Xtra LocoNet repeater Module


  • Description
  • The LNRP Xtra LocoNet Repeater Module Isolates and Protects LocoNet Layouts, it allows for greater expansion of the LocoNet system on large installations.

    If a wiring or signal problems occur on any œstandard � LocoNet section that the LNRP Xtra is connecting and monitoring, the LNRP Xtra will act to internally disconnect the faulty œstandard � LocoNet segment so that the œprotected � LocoNet can continue operating.

    If the fault is removed, the LNRP Xtra will typically automatically reconnect and resume operations on the œstandard � LocoNet segment.

    LNRP Xtra Features:
    -Isolates segments of your LocoNet layout
    -Protects segments of your LocoNet layouts
    -Extends large LocoNet installations of more than 20 devices
    -Acts as a Diagniostic tool if LocoNet network problems occur
    -FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant
    -Includes the PS14 power supply