Spacerail Level 9 70m Ultimate Marble Run Kit

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This Level is the Most Difficult. Not Recommended for Beginners.

SpaceRail is a Motorised Marble Run with Perpetual Motion.
Build the SpaceRail and Watch the Marbles Loop the Loop and whizz around.
Includes 70 000m Rail and Steel Balls
Batteries Not Included. Requires 2 x C Battery
Level 9 is Rated Very Difficult.
Suitable for Children Aged 15 Years +

Shaft 600mm x 9, Shaft 391mm x 8, Shaft 300mm x 20, Shaft 200mm x 7, Shaft 159mm x 19
Shaft 65mm x 8, Corner Stand x 1, Arm x 147, Arm Holder A x 108, Arm Sheath 168,
Arm Holder B x 265, Arm Wrench x 373, Rail Stand x 315, Gear Box x 2,
Elevator Helix x 37, Elevator Ring x 9, Elevator Cover x 4, Seesaw Part x 2,
Fork Part x 3, Base Holder (Big) x 13, Base Holder (Small) x 10, Elevator Stand x 11
Rail x 2 (35,000mm approx), Gear Box Stand x 2, Steel Ball x 12, Rail Joining Stick x 15
Cap of Shaft x 2, Big Revolving Part x 1, Catching Part x 1, Weight Part x 1, Tray x 1,
Base Parts x 1, Base x 13, Illustrated Building Guide.

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