Futaba 7PX Remote with 2X R334SBS RX


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7PX IntroductionThe 7PX leads the way to a new revolution in surface control, thanks to Super Response Mode, full telemetry capability and the R334SBS diversity receiver!T-FHSS SR Super Response makes the 7PX the fastest Futaba radio yet, to give drivers a more "locked-in" feel while racing. In addition, the 7PX offers the T-FHSS protocol, which allows full telemetry capability. This radio is also compatible with S-FHSS and FASST protocols, expanding receiver options tenfold.The innovations don't stop there. A 4.3" backlit LCD touch screen lets drivers access key features instantly, via intuitively designed menus. When it comes to features, an R334SBS diversity receiver, 40-model memory and updateable software are just the tip of the iceberg.Up to 7 channels can be controlled and programmed. Up to 5 telemetry sensors can be viewed on the main screen for real-time information. Traction control and over-rev functions have been added to complement the ABS function. The 7PX supports high-speed servos �drivers can change the conventional 1,520 µ to 760 µ for SR Mode. The 7PX also adapts the "Return" function to "Throttle," so drivers can set it with more accuracy.

7PX Overview and Features-Futaba SR (Super Response) technology-T-FHSS SR (Super Response), T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST protocols-Large, backlit 4.3" LCD touch screen-Full telemetry compatible-40-model memory-Display button-15-character model names-Throttle selection (50/50; 70/30; 100)-5 programmable mixes-S.Bus servo programming editor-R334SBS 2.4GHz diversity receiver-6 assignable push buttons-Channels 5/6 and 7 feature reversing, end point adjustments, sub-trim, assignable brake mixing and ABS-One dial-Conditions-4WS mixing-Tank mixing-Brake mixing-Gyro mixing-Steering mixing-Tilt mixing-CPS mixing-Roll out chart-Gear ratio chart-Battery use: LiFe, NiMH-Driver preference menu-Exponential-6 assignable digital trims-Assignable switch/dial functions-Servo reversing-Servo monitor-Up/down/integral timer (records up to 80 laps)-Lap timer/memory-Wheel/trigger (tension, position, angle) adjustments-Model copy-Software-updateable with a micro memory card (sold separately) or via Near Field Communication (NFC). Just open an app on your Android device and place it next to the radio to update!-Micro memory card slot-Voice message/audio earphone jack-Built-in speaker-Right/left hand operation-2-position switch-4 trigger sizes-7 mm throttle trigger adjustment-24 steering wheel angle positions-Low battery alarm-Auto power-off-Return button

Transmitter SpecificationsType: 7-Channel FASST/S-FHSS/T-FHSS/T-FHSS SRIncludes: R334SBS diversity receiverVoltage: 6-7.4VWeight: 20.5 oz (580 g)Includes: R334SBS diversity receiver, APA adapter, large wheel with rubber grip, LCD protection sheet, mini driver and manualRequires: LiFeSource 6.6V 1900mAh LiFe Tx Battery (HCAM6521)

R334SBS Receiver Specifications-T-FHSS SR/T-FHSS 2.4GHz System-Dual antenna diversity-S.Bus2 4-channel receiver-High Voltage: 3.7-7.4V-Battery fail-safe-Normal/High-speed mode auto-detection-Dimensions: 1.33 x 0.88 x 0.44 in (33.9 x 22.3 x 11.3 mm)-Weight: 0.26 oz (7.3 g)

Compatible ReceiversT-FHSS SR: R334SBS (telemetry not supported)T-FHSS: R324SBS, R304SB, R304SB-E (telemetry supported)S-FHSS: R203GF, R204GF-E, R2104GF, R2008SB, R2006GS, R2001SB, R2106GFFASST: R614FS, R614FF-E

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