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Vallejo 70107 Wwii German Color Set 16


SKU AV70107
  • Description

    This set of Model Color paints is great for painting models, figures and dioramas. It contains a color chart and 16 17ml eyedropper bottles of Model Color paint:

    70.801 Brass
    70.805 German Orange
    70.806 German Yellow
    70.997 Silver
    70.818 Red Leather
    70.845 Sunny Skin Tone
    70.861 Glossy Black
    70.868 Dark Sea Green
    70.871 Leather Brown
    70.912 Tan Yellow
    70.920 German Uniform
    70.946 Dark Red
    70.950 Black
    70.951 White
    70.992 Neutral Grey
    70.995 German Grey

    The Modelcolor range contains 208 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Modelpainting. The colors have been chosen with the help and advice of the best model painters from many countries. Those colors which have corresponding Federal Standard, Ral and RLM equivalencies are so identified.

    Modelcolor has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque, (with the exception of the fluorescent and transparent colors, which are semi-opaque). A few metallic pigments (in an alcohol base) are included in the range, since these give a harder brilliance than the waterbased metallics.

    The waterbased formula of Modelcolor has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes. Errors can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol.

    Modelcolor dries quickly to a matte, even and waterproof finish. Exact drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment, on the surface which has been painted, and on the thickness of the paint layer - although the colors are dry to the touch within minutes, the water content keeps on evaporating, and the paint does not acquire its true permanence until several weeks after application.