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It is difficult to encounter in the history of sailing vessels a ship with so many diverse activities during her active life as the U.S. CONSTELLATION. In fact she started her active life in 1798 and was withdrawn from sevice in 1955. Her missions were various: she seized numerous ships, and defended the Hawaii Islands against annexation by the British in 1845 and 1849. It was also the first US warship to visit China in 1842 and assigned as a school ship in 1871. Today she brings back glorious memories to tens of thousands of tourists that visit her each year in Baltimore. If she could talk, she could tell us a great deal of American History.

Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and more
Highly detailed brass bow (figurehead) and stern parts
Five pale green and five brown spools of rigging thread in different
Pre-sewn cloth sails ready for rigging

Length: 1035mm (40-3/4)
Height: 710mm (27-15/16)
Beam: 153mm (6-1/32)
Scale: 1/85 = (12/85= 1 FT)

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