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🎁🎁🎄🎄 Christmas Order Cut-Off Dates 🎄🎄 🎁🎁

Arttystation 06 Opera Spray Booth



Please note, this product comes unassembled and does not come with the dust filter, toggle switches, acrylic cover, fan, or ducting. These items must be purchased separately.

This is a spray booth included in the Arttystation Opera product. However, it can be used individually. It is extremely cheap and convenient, and completely blocks all paint dust generated during using airbrush.

Weight 2.0Kg
Width 412mm (when fitted with acrylic covers)
Height 394mm
Depth 269mm
Thickness 9mm, 3mm
Materials MDF (High density & Double-side coated)
Formaldehyde Emission Standard E1 Grade
Vent Size 150mm


  • Can attach 150mm pro-performance blower fan can be attached
  • A large injection area of 40cm x 30cm high (when fitted with acrylic covers)
  • Special anti-vortex structure installation to prevent up/down flow
  • Air chamber system that sucks in air evenly on all parts of the back of the booth
  • 2 airbrush holder (left-handed stand available)
  • Crocodile clip holder for convenient drying after painting
  • double-sided coats wood to allow easy cleaning of paint-contaminated surfaces
  • Available to connect with other modules on Arttystation Opera
  • 3 toggle switches for convenience (sold separately)
  • Acrylic cover for use as a spray area expansion and anti-odor cover (sold separately)
  • Exclusive filter that fully covers the entire side/rear side of the booth (sold separately)
  • Detachable filter fix guide with magnets
  • 150mm high-performance blower fan can be installed
  • A wide spraying area of width 40cm x height 30cm (when acrylic cover is attached)
  • Equipped with a special vortex prevention structure to prevent upper/lower vortex
  • An air chamber system that creates the effect of evenly inhaling air from all rear areas
  • 2 airbrush stands (can be changed for left-hand use)
  • An alligator clip hanger for convenient drying after painting
  • Use of high-density compressed wood coated on both sides for easy cleaning of even paint-contaminated surfaces
  • Can be used in connection with other Arttystation Opera modules
  • 3 toggle switches that can be set up as desired and conveniently used can be attached (sold separately)
  • An acrylic cover that can be used as a cover for expanding spray areas and odor prevention can be attached (sold separately)
  • A filter exclusively used for covering the all sides/read sides of the booth can be used (sold separately)
  • A filter fixing guide with an easy one-touch attachment and detachment using magnets

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This is a 'flat pack' kit that requires assembly - We recommend a medium viscosity Super Glue for assembly.