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🎁🎁🎄🎄 Christmas Order Cut-Off Dates 🎄🎄 🎁🎁

Digitrax DS52 Dual Stationary Decoder For Snap Switches or Slow Motion Machines



Dual Stationary Decoder for Bi-polar, Snap Switches or Slow Motion Machines

DS52 Features:
Simple hook up and set up.
Control 2 individual turnout machines.
2 Slow motion turnout machines, such as Tortoise by Circuitron or Switchmaster.
2 Solenoid type turnout machines such as three wire Peco or Atlas Snap Switches or two wire bi-polar type turnout machines such as Kato Unitrack, AristoCraft, or LGB turnouts with powerful capacitive discharge capability.
Turnout addresses can be set individually or in groups of 2.
Screw terminals make installation easy!
DCC compatible.
Screw terminals make installation and set up easy.
Control 2 solenoid type turnout machines: 2 wire bi-polar (Kato Unitrack Switches, etc.) and/or 3 wire (Peco, Atlas Snap Switches, etc.)
Addresses can be independent or sequential
All Scales up to 22V track power.