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Digitrax SDxh166D Premium Sound Decoder


  • Description
  • Ships with multi project sound scheme including GP38 diesel (default), GE Evolution diesel, SD70 diesel, GP10 diesel, RS1 diesel, C420 diesel, Steam type 1 (based on UP3985) and Steam type 2 (based on K27). Simply select the sound scheme for the loco where you install the decoder and you are ready to run.

    • 1.0 Amp/2.0 Amps Current Rating

    • 6 FX3 Functions-200mA total current

    • FX3 Output optimized for LED & bulbs

    • Configurable FX3 pulse on all function leads

    • New Series 6 features

    • 4 Simultaneous Voices

    • Customizable 16, 12 or 8 bit sound projects

    • Use PR3 and SoundLoader 2.0

    • 16 Megabit on board sound memory

    • 8 Ohm 16 x 26 x 9mm box speaker included

    • 1 Watt sound output

    • 330uF Capacitor for sound hold up included

    • Cam input synchronized steam chuff

    • Works with PX112-10 Power Xtender

    • Decoder Body Size 1.28in