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Digitrax SFX0416 1 Amp HO/N Wired SoundFX & Function Decoder NO motor functions



Wired Mobile Decoder with SoundFX and FX3 Function for most HO and many N scale Locomotives.
Preloaded with selectable generic steam and diesel sound schemes
Visit Digitrax Sound Depot to learn how to customize the sound project that is included with the decoder and how to download different sound projects.

Includes 28mm 8 Ohm Speaker and 330uF Capacitor
Please Note: The SFX0416 has no motor functions and is used in conjunction with a standard mobile decoder to add sound and additional funcitons to the locomotive.
Regarding N Scale applications:
Although the SFX0416 decoder PCB is physically small enough to fit into many types of N Scale rolling stock and dummy locomotives, for N Scale applications the standard 28mm speaker must be replaced with a smaller speaker and installation of the capacitor can be omitted.
Finally, the SFX0416 is an 'add-on' type SoundFX decoder, meaning it works with a standard DCC motor decoder in locomotive applications. N-Scale locomotives generally do not have the necessary space for both the SFX0416 and a motor decoder inside the locomotive. To use this sound and function decoder as an add on to an existing mobile decoder in an N Scale locomotive, you can install it in an N Scale car that runs behind the locomotive. If you are installing a sound decoder in a locomotive that does not already have a mobile decoder, one of our N Scale motor, sound and function decoders would be the best choice for N scale locomotive installations.

Current Rating-Motor: Not a motor decoder
Size: 1.22in