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Digitrax Ur92 Duplex Radio Transceiver/Ir Receiver


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  • Description
  • The UR92 is a combo Duplex Radio Transceiver and Infrared Receiver Panel. Using a UR92 means there is no need to plug in to select your loco when you are using a Digitrax Duplex equipped "D" throttle.
    The IR receiver on the UR92 also allows you to go wieless with your other Digitrax throttles that are factory equipped with infrared emitters.
    Digitrax Duplex Radio (D) products are for use in the United States, Canada, Austraila and New Zealand. For EU, please order DCE version. Kato Japan sells a Japanese approved version of the UR92.

    UR92 Features:
    Plug 'N Play with any LocoNet system
    No need to plug in your Duplex equipped throttles, select, dispatch, and program wirelessly
    Duplex Radio operates in the 2.4 Ghz band
    Supports Duplex Radio and Infrared operation simultaneously
    Range Is Approximately A 300 ft Diameter Circle
    Only One UR92 Is Needed To Run Duplex On Most Layouts
    Supports Up To 20 Digitrax Duplex Throttles At The Same Time
    Group Name Feature Allows Multiple Clubs To Run Independently In Close Proximity At Train Shows and Exhibitions
    Includes PS14 Power Supply
    Operates In The 2.4 GHz Band
    One RJ12 6 pin Throttle jacks in the front of the panel for hooking up throttles and other LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.
    Two RJ12 6 pin LocoNet jacks in the back of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that use RailSync.
    Gives your layout a professionally finished look.
    Indicator LED that shows the power state of a local track section.
    Two #6-32 right angle screw terminals for local track connections for power and diagnostics.

    For Use With All "D" Duplex Throttles