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Dragon 6776 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.Iii (Fl) Ausf.M With Schurzen


SKU DR 6776
  • Description
  • Features:
    Newly designed Type 95 rendered w/excellent details
    Both front and rear fenders made by slide-mold technology
    Slide-molded glacis plate features rivet details
    Separate tow hook
    Hatches with photo-etched parts can be assembled open/closed
    Cupola ring made by slide mold
    4-directional slide-molded upper hull w/rivet detail
    Slide-molded lower hull molded w/details
    Turret for 37mm Type 94 tank gun made by irregular 5-directional slide-mold technology
    Opening for the 7.7mm Type 97 machine gun mount is produced by slide-mold technology
    Turret ring molded w/intricate details
    Hatches on upper hull can be assembled open/closed
    Vision port cover can be assembled in either injection-molded plastic or clear parts
    Sharply produced on-vehicle tools
    Intricate ventilator cover can be assembled open/closed
    Photo-etched mesh added to ventilators' cover
    Intricate 7.7mm Type 97 machine gun produced in separate parts
    Holes molded on gun barrel made by slide-mold technology
    Hollowed exhaust pipe w/photo-etched exhaust cover
    Rear hull details accurately produced
    3-directional slide-molded ball mount for 7.7mm Type 97 machine gun
    Hatches on glacis plate can be assembled open/closed
    Road wheels realistically produced in separate parts
    Suspension system realistically represented with multiple parts
    Multi-part sprocket wheels have breathtaking detail
    One-piece DS tracks reproduced
    When Dragon introduced its new 1/35 scale gem of a Type 95 “Ha-Go” light tank of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), it garnered great excitement in the modeling fraternity in 2012. Based on actual measurements from surviving tanks, that particular kit (Item No.6767) represented an Early-Production variant of this small tank. Now Dragon has released another Type 95 plastic kit, this time depicting one with Late-Production features. The Type 95 tank was used in combat against China and Russia, as well as fully participating in Japanese operations in WWII. Weighing just 7.4 tonnes, it was designed primarily as an infantry support weapon. Indeed, it was the most common light tank used by the IJA in the Pacific, with about 2,300 units manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It had a crew of three, and the main armament was a Type 94 37mm gun. Its maximum speed was 45km/h.

    The kit has received many new parts so it can accurately depict a Late-Production “Ha-Go”. They include a new cupola on the turret, and rounded front fenders (the Early-Production type’s fenders were flat and squarely cut off). The frontal armor and glacis plate are suitably modified too, plus the towing hook on the front is new. Meanwhile, the turret and one-piece upper hull and lower hull remain unchanged. They’re still brimming with detail thanks to the widespread use of slide molds. In fact, every single sprue in the kit employs slide molds, which is an astounding achievement! The road wheels, idlers, sprockets and return rollers are slide-molded, whilst the DS slide-molded track links are accurately replicated in miniature so as to incorporate side details. The “Ha-Go” was used in diverse battlefield locations, so modelers can really go to town by producing any scenario such as jungle-clad terrain or a Pacific tropical island!