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Emax Nighthawk X5 Racing Drone Frame Kit


  • Description
  • Speed is a great asset, but when combined with agility, it's awesome. That's where the Nighthawk X5 frame from EMAX begins!

    This formidable X frame is a racers dream. It comes with adjustable camera tilt angle (30-45 degrees), integrated PDB, motor guards and super strong 3.5mm carbon fibre arms.

    It's almost indestructible with minimal frontal drag and combined with your choice of ESC's and powerful motors spinning 5" props it's a pilots drone. Great for ripping through corners and the sky.

    X-frame design with centered mass
    Integrated PDB with solder pads for your ESCs, power and signal
    XT-60 connecter pre-installed
    Neat and clean set up
    Lightweight carbon fibre frame
    3.5mm carbon fibre arms
    Built for agility and responsiveness
    Motor guards
    Adjustable camera mount

    Wheelbase: 200mm
    Weight: 134g
    Arms: 3.5mm Carbon Fiber
    Fuselage frame: 1.5mm
    PDB: Integrated 12v/5v

    Carbon Fiber parts
    Integrated PDB
    Alloy standoffs
    Motor guards
    Hardware packages
    Instruction sheet