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Harder And Steenbeck Airbrush Infinity Cr Plus 0.15+0.4mm 2in1 Set


SKU HS126544
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Harder and Steenbeck Airbrush INFINITY CR 2 in 1 0.15 + 0.4mm

0.15mm nozzle set installed.
Additional 5ml cup included.
Additional 0.4mm needle-nozzle-air cap set included.

Your technique can only get you so far; when you're looking to take your art to the next level, you need the precision that Harder and Steenbeck Infinity airbrush can give you. The Infinity airbrush offers an unparalleled degree of precision and freedom thanks to features such as the Quick Fix end piece, an open needle cap and lever resistance that can be individually varied. You'll be amazed at how precise your lines are and how much control you have over paint flow when handling this spectacular airbrush.
In addition to making your art look good, the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Airbrush is an amazing looking tool in its own right. Featuring a triple coating of copper, nickel and high-gloss exterior chrome plating on CR version, you won't find a more professional looking tool on the market. As an added bonus, those who suffer from nickel allergies will appreciate the fact that the Infinity airbrush features decreased levels of oxidation due to hand perspiration.
While there are a few different models of the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity airbrush to choose from, all of them feature the same beautiful look and high-quality parts. Whether you're using your Infinity airbrush for body art or for illustrations, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your art the moment you start using this product. If you take your art seriously, this is your product!