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The 747 was launched on the 13 April 1966 by the Boeing Aircraft Company. Leader of a new generation of aircrafts' the Boeing 747 outclasses the older 707 with its passenger capacity and its somewhat colossal dimensions. Being the inaugural force of a new and so promising era, the Boeing 747 can already be considered as a reference aircraft in the development of air transport.
In 1971 the 747-200 first flew, carrying 350 passengers 9 650km and remains the worlds' largest commercial aircraft.


  • Wingspan: 59.64m

  • Overall length: 70.66m

  • Height: 19.30m

  • Maximum Taxiing Weight: 323.400 metric tons

  • Cruising speed at 11 500m: 1 006kph

  • Number of pieces 139
    Model length 56.5
    Model width 47.7
    Box width 45.4
    Box height 25
    Depth box 6
    contents - Model - 1 decal board - Assembly plan
    Scale 1/125
    Age 14 years old
    Difficulty Intermediate

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