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France and Great-Britain simultaneously started basic studies on a supersonic aircraft in 1956. These studies led in 1961 to two distinct projects which were combined on November 29, 1962, into a single project which assembled for main companies: Aerospatial, BAC, Rolls-Royce and SNECMA. The first prototype 001 left the Toulouse hangar on the 11 December 1967. Concorde had already smashed altitude records (2100m) and speed (Mach 2.2).On the 21 January 1976 a new chapter in commercial aviation history began, under the colours of British Airways and Air France.


  • Wingspan: 25.56m

  • Length: 61.74m

  • Cruising speed at 15 640m: Mach 2.05

  • Engine: 4 turbo reactors Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 595

  • Number of pieces 151
    Model length 87
    Model width 37
    Mock height -
    Box width 60
    Box height 35
    Depth box 12
    contents Model - 2 brushes - Paint jars - 1 tube of glue - 2 decal boards - Assembly plan
    Scale 1/72
    Age 14 YEARS OLD
    Difficulty Advanced

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