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Hitec D840WP Multi Purpose 32 Bit Programmable And High Repsonse


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Ideal for airplane, giant scale car, boat, UAV and robotic applications Center heat sink for efficient motor cooling Operates on 3.5-8.4V Programmable high response digital amplifier* Durable steel gears with dual ball bearings Water and dust resistance


D840WP Servo with 1.6" (39.9mm) Round Servo Horn, 1.8" (46mm) Single Arm, 2.2" (55mm) Double Arm Aluminum Horn. 2.4" (61mm) 4-Point Horn Four each, Grommets, Eyelets and Screws 3mm Servo Horn Screw


Dimensions: 2.59 x 1.26 x 2.44" (66 x 32 x 62mm) Weight: 8.0oz (227g) Output Spline: 25 tooth 4.8V 6.0V 7.4V Speed: 0.17 sec/60deg 0.14 sec/60deg 0.11 sec/60deg Torque: 264oz-in (19kg-cm) 333oz-in (24kg-cm) 417oz-in (30kg-cm)