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Hornby OO R4871 Brighton Belle 1967 Pullman Cars Pack Of 3


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Unit No. 3053, Trailer Parlour First Kitchen, 'Gwen', 'Mona' and Trailer Parlour Third, Car No. 85

Note that R3606 and R4871 are not interchangeable with earlier versions of the Brighton Belle. To facilitate easy assembly of the 5 car rake, all cars are now fitted with standard NEM pockets, and a choice of two Coupling types are included to suite the coupling gap required. Power for the lighting PCBing is now collected via pick-ups located on one Bogie of each car.

Technical Specification and Detail
Gauge: 00
Length: 275mm
Period: Era 6 (1957 - 1971)
Operator/Livery: Pullman Umber and Cream, Early Crest
Age Suitability: 14+