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Hornby Po Tytherington Stone Co Peckett W4 Class 0-4-0St Daphne - Era 2



Peckett Works No. 737/1899 Daphne was purchased new by Howell Lloyd Hardwicke, trading as the Tytherington Stone Co. to shunt at Church Quarry, replacing a road traction engine that had been converted to a 4-2-0 railway locomotive. Daphne was replaced at Church Quarry sometime after 1919 and in 1923 was sold on to Pilkington Bros. of St. Helen's in Lancashire. Now preserved, Daphne can be found at the Ribble Steam Railway Museum in Preston.

Technical Specification & Detail
Length 84mm
DCC Type DCC Ready
Period Era 2 (1870 - 1922)
Operator/Livery Tytherington Stone Co. Crimson
Class Peckett W4 Class
Designer Peckett
Entered Service 1899
Minimum Curve R1
Motor 3 Pole Skew Wound
Wheel Configuration 0-4-0ST