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Hornby R6733A Br Ex Lms 20 Ton Coke HOpper Wagon B448673



Running number: B448673
At Nationalisation in 1948, British Rail inherited the 200 LMS and 600 or so private owner wagons and they continued in service through to the late 1950s/early 1960s before being withdrawn. With the design being as functional as it was, the first BR derivatives came from these early LMS wagons, the main difference being that they were fitted with plain front axle boxes, metal side and end raves and tie bars. Over the next ten years, over 2000 wagons were built to three different diagrams, with subtle modifications to the design.

Features include:
- Split spoked wheels
- Die-cast chassis

Technical Specification and Detail
Gauge: 00
Livery/owner: BR
Age Suitability: 14+
Purpose: Freight
Wheel Configuration: 0-4-0