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Noch 60135 Static Grass Applicator


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Noch 60135 Gras-Master 2.0 (battery operated)
The first version of the Gras-Master has already been praised by the international press and it has been used by thousands of enthusiastic model railway fans. With the Gras-Master 2.0, we have made something good even better. The Gras-Master 2.0 has a stronger high-voltage field than the previous version. This makes sure, the greening will always be a success - even with long grass fibres. The grass fibres are electro-magnetically charged and will stand up-right on the foundation.

The Gras-Master 2.0 includes three different sieves, which are ideally suited for flocking grass fibres of different lengths. We recommend the finest sieve for fibres between 1 and 2.5 mm, the middle one for fibres between 2.5 and 6 mm, and the biggest of the sieves for fibres between 6 and 12 mm.

Highlights of the NOCH Gras-Master 2.0:
Powerful: Perfect electrostatic flocking with low current flow
Versatile: Ideally suited even for electrostatic flocking with long fibres
Independent: Thanks to battery operation it can be used flexibly anywhere on the layout without long trailing wires
Flexible: Uses all common grass fibres thanks to the three metal sieves
Clean: Easy and clean to use, because the grass fibres are in a closed container
Proven: The product has won multiple awards and has been proven in thousands of applications
A damage of electronical equipment due to the high-voltage field, generated by the Gras-Master 2.0 can be excluded. When using the Gras-Master 2.0, a static charge of the body is possible as it is produced also when rubbing clothing or floor covering. In this case, the static charge may cause damages, if an electronic device is touched. During the work with the Gras-Master 2.0 no electronic devices should be used. For discharging the static electricity a short touch of an earthed point is enough (e.g. a water pipe)