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Orchard Toys Pirate Race Game


  • Description
  • Ahoy there shipmates! Travel around this exciting desert island to be the first to reach the pirate treasure! Roll the dice to move around the edge of the board. If you land on a coloured square, turn over the corresponding card to see if you can create a piece of your pirate picture. If you land on an 'x marks the spot' space, you can turn over any coloured card. Once you have created your pirate picture, it is a race to see who can reach the shiny pirate treasure first!

    This is a fun and exciting board game for budding pirates! As well as developing number skills by counting around the board, children can also develop their memory skills by observing where the correct pieces of their pirate picture are on the table as other players turn them over. Pirate Race Game has quick and varied gameplay, perfect to keep the attention of younger children as well as older players!


    1 jigged playing board
    1 dice
    24 pirate cards
    4 pirate playing pieces
    4 character stands
    1 instruction leaflet