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Oxford 1/76 Austin Atv Raf


SKU 76ATV007
  • Description
  • This version of the Auxiliary Towing Vehicle represents its military use, in this case the RAF. The government of the day ordered around 2000 of these in 1941, mostly for use during the War, although afterwards the vehicles were swallowed up for civilian use and some were still being driven particularly by fire brigades right into the 1970s. This model represents a restored vehicle.
    Decorated in RAF blue/grey, the model carries the RAF roundels on the sides, with white RAF lettering on both doors and is registered GLC 891. The bell on the roof is also blue/grey and a roof beacon has been added on the offside. Roof ladders are moulded in mahogany brown, which is also repeated in the colour of the interior, while the seats and steering wheel are black. A final detail sees the silver grey canvas curtains moulded in an open position across the back.