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Oxford 1/76 Bedford Qlb 4Th Infantry Uk 1942


SKU 76QLB001
  • Description
  • The Gun Tractor version of the Bedford QL vehicle to the 1:76 scale Oxford Military Series and to launch the range, it comes as deployed for use by the 4th Infantry Division a regiment with a long history - in the UK in 1942. Manufactured between 1941 and 1945 for use by the British Army, there were many variants of the basic Bedford QL, several already the subject of Oxford military models. This latest introduction featuring it as a Bofors 40mm gun tractor, is painted in dark green with a lighter green and brown camouflage cab roof and back. The crew seating in the specially designed cabin behind the driver's cab is also dark green with pale green roof.
    Military markings to the front and rear of the QLB are printed in red, white and blue and the white military number is printed on both cabin doors and across the rear of the truck. An authentic replica of the real thing', its presence will enhance any military diorama of the era on the home front or a scene from WWII theatres of war across the globe.