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Revell 1/48 Panavia Tornado Ids


SKU REV03987
  • Description
  • The Tornado is one of the most important combat aircraft within NATO and with its modern electronic equipment and outstanding flying characteristics forms the backbone of European Air Defence. It is deployed in four Air Forces. The main version is the IDS (Interdictor Strike) for use against ground targets and reconnaissance. The German Luftwaffe also uses the ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance) version. First combat missions were undertaken during the Gulf War in 1991 - the Tornado's latest deployment was in Afghanistan. This fighter bomber's sphere of operations includes Offensive Air Support to ground forces, Battlefield Containment and the combat of enemy air forces on the ground and in the air. It also has an Electronic Flight Control System and an automatic Terrain Following Radar System. By pivoting its wings the Tornado can cope equally well with both low-level high speed flight as well as slow flight with little wing sweep. Its maximum speed lies by Mach 2.2 at 11000 m (33000ft), its maximum weapon load is 90 kg (19800lbs). On the occasion of its 50th anniversary on 8th October 2008, Fighter Bomber Wing 33 Bachel adorned one of its Tornado's with a spectacular special livery. The design reflected the squadrons affinity to the the region and with its U.S. partners in Bachel.

    - New mouldings
    - Recessed panel joints and authentic surface structures
    - Detailed cockpit with finely engraved instrument panel
    - Detailed ejection seats with many engravings
    - Authentic air intakes
    - Separate Slats
    - Separate wing flaps may be built open or closed
    - Detailed undercarriage and undercarriage bay
    - Undercarriage can be built in the retracted or deployed position
    - Moveable swing wings
    - Separate wing brake flaps
    - Moveable rear stabilators
    - Detailed engine exhaust cones
    - A choice to build the thrust reverser closed
    - Separate air-brakes that can be deployed
    - Moving wing pylons
    - 1 BOZ 101 Pod
    - 2 Sidewinder guided missiles
    - 1 ECM container
    - 2 wing-tanks
    - Separate transparencies for the navigation lights
    - In-flight refuelling probe

    Product specifications

    length: 360 mm
    number of parts: 271
    wingspan: 286 mm
    level: very ambitious
    scale: 1:48