Revell 1/700 Uss Fletcher Dd-445


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With the construction of new battleships and aircraft carriers also came the requirement for more modern destroyers with a capability to achieve 38 knots. Building contracts for 100 ships of the future Fletcher Class had been awarded by the end of 1940. After entering the war in December 1941 the US Navy awarded a further 75 contracts. The U.S.S. Fletcher (DD-445) after which the class was named was launched on 3 May 1942. During the Second World War the Fletcher Class proved to be the most successful destroyers in the US Navy thanks to their powerful propulsion systems and extensive radar equipment.

- Waterline hull
- Decks and superstructure with many details and fittings
- 2 Lifeboats
- Torpedo tubes
- 5 Gun turrets
- Mines

- Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Fletcher-Class destroyer, DD 451, USS Chevalier , Boston, October 1942
- Fletcher-Class destroyer, DD 445, USS F. Fletcher , Navy Yard New York, July 1942

Product specifications:
length: 164 mm
number of parts: 70

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