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Traxxas 2926X 3000Mah 8.4V 7 Cell Hump Nimh Battery Id Plug



This is the Traxxas "Power Cell" 7-Cell 3000mAh Hump NiMH Battery Pack with a Traxxas iD Connector. Traxxas iD Power Cell NiMH batteries are available in standard, 6-cell "flat" configuration, as well as 7-cell flat and "hump"-style packs to fit all Traxxas models. NiMH batteries are the standard battery type for radio control, and iD-equipped Power Cell NiMH packs are included with Traxxas electric models for excellent runtime and power delivery. Traxxas Power Cell Series 4 and 5 NiMH batteries offer increased capacity for even greater runtime and higher sustained voltage under load.


  • High-current connector

  • Gold-plated copper terminals

  • MAXX cable high-efficiency 12-gauge silicone jacketed wire

Batteries are dangerous goods that cannot be express shipped / air freighted