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Trumpeter 02250 1/32 A-6E/TRAM INTRUDER Plastic Model Kit


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E version of the Grumman all-weather carrier-capable twin jet-engine subsonic mid-wing attack and precision strike aircraft. Kit features engraved panel lines, well-appointed side-by-side cockpit, laminated instrument panel,  DIANE radar package with optional open radome, optional extended ventral avionics bay, fully rendered Pratt & Whitney engines with separate access panels, intake trunks, detailed undercarriage and wheel bays, pivoting arresting hook, hinged rudder, optional position slats and flaps, choice of extended or folded wings, inner wing fold detail, optional deployed RAT generator and speed brakes, refueling probe, segmented canopy, optional white metal landing gear struts, vinyl tires and photo-etch parts (turbine fans, seatbelts, seat fittings, boarding step details, radome hinge cover). Also includes ample external stores  (M117 x6), (Mk.82 x12), (SUU-30 x6), (Mk.20 x6), (AGM-88 x2), (GBU-10 x2), (AGM-84E x2), (Side fuel tank x4), (centerline fuel tanks). Decals and color markings for (2) aircraft: USN VA-196 Main Battery 500/NK BuNo 159579 and USMC VMA(AW)-522 Hawks 411/ED BuNo 161111 - includes stencil data, instrument faces and weapons markings.

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.