Trumpeter 01610 1/72 Shenyang F-8II Finback -B Plastic Model Kit


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The Shenyang J-8II “Finback”-B, features a redesigned forward fuselage that use a pair of lateral inlets and a solid nose to replace the original nose inlet design on the J-8. The solid nose provides enough space to accommodate a larger fire-control radar antenna for better target acquisition and tracking performance. The aircraft made its maiden flight on 12th June 1984, but it was not revealed to the public until 1986. The batch production reportedly began in 1988, and the aircraft became operational in 1992. Crew: 1 Wingspan: 9.344m; Length: 21.59m; Height: 5.41m Weight: Empty 9,240kg; Normal take-off 14,300kg; Max take-off 17,800kg Max Speed: Mach 2.2 Range: Ferry range 2,200km with drop tanks; Radius: 800km Service Ceiling: 20,200m
Item No 01610
Item Name Shenyang F-8Ⅱ”Finback”-B
Bar Code n/a
Scale 1:72
Item Type Static Kit
Model Brief Length: 289.5 mm Wingspan: 129.9mm
Total Parts 118pcs
Total Sprues 5pcs
Paint Schemes F-8Ⅱ, No.81192, of PLA Naval Air Force;
Released Date n/a

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Optional position flaps

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