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Ugears Truck With Tanker


SKU UG70018
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  • Description
  • UGears Tanker is equipped with the unique opening mechanism. The Tanker is designed and fit well for standard 0.33 L cans.

    The UGears Truck represents a new generation of UGears Mechanical Models with greater sophistication and more features. This model runs, shifts, steers, and accelerates just like a real truck. First fuel up' by turning the lever on top of the cab. Then start' the engine with the shifter in idle' and see four pistons moving realistically under the folding hood. Open the cabin door to find a fully functioning steering wheel and even a working gas pedal. Ready for a ride? Shift the transmission into forward' or reverse' and watch your truck head back.

    UGears Truck is what we call 100% Rubberpunk,