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Walthers Proto HO 33in Turned Metal Wheelsets - With Metal Axles pkg(100)


SKU WAL920-2304
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  • Description
  • WalthersProto HO Scale 33" Turned Metal Wheelsets with Metal Axles are a fast and economical way to upgrade your equipment. These 100-packs of wheelsets are great replacements for those used on most freight cars. 33" Turned Metal Wheelsets are part of the line of WalthersProto HO Scale trucks, wheels and couplers.

    High quality turned metal wheels for improved performance
    Easy upgrade for most HO equipment
    Standard wheel size fits most freight and passenger equipment
    Fits steam, diesel and modern-era rolling stock
    Ultra-smooth rolling metal needlepoint axles
    Fully-assembled and ready to use
    Insulated on one side
    Converts up to 25 cars