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Zvezda 3534 1/35 Isu-122 Plastic Model Kit


SKU ZV3534

Combined model - Soviet tank destroyer ISU-122.
Historical note: The self-propelled artillery installation ISU-122 was created in the autumn of 1943 on the basis of a heavy IC tank. On these machines, A-19 cannons with a caliber of 122 mm were installed with an initial speed of 25-kg projectile 781 m / s, which pierced from a distance of 1 km with 145-mm armor.
The overall layout of the heavy self-propelled artillery unit ISU-122 is similar to the layout of other self-propelled guns: the bow location of the command and control compartment and the aft layout of the engine compartment. In addition to the gun on the ACS, there was a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun DShK.
ISU-122 was intended to destroy enemy tanks and break through fortification lines, in which case special assault groups could be attached to it (Star