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Zvezda 7246 1/72 Mil-28A Plastic Model Kit


SKU ZV7246
  • Description
  • Combined model - Russian attack helicopter Mi-28A.
    Historical note: The modern Russian combat helicopter Mi-28 carries a powerful armament complex, including anti-tank guided missiles, unguided missiles and an automatic 30mm cannon.
    To successfully complete the task, the helicopter is equipped with the perfect on-board radio-electronic equipment. The first flight of this formidable rotary-winged aircraft made in 1982. The combat helicopter Mi-28 is an analogue of the American "Apache".

    A set of plastic parts for assembling a single helicopter model.

    The model is assembled with the help of a special glue manufactured by the Zvezda enterprise.

    Paints sold separately from the set.

    The kit includes:

  • castings

  • assembly instructions

  • decal

  • x