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Zvezda 7268 1/72 Su-24 Mr (Re-Release) Plastic Model Kit


SKU ZV7268
  • Description
  • Combined model - Russian front-line reconnaissance Su-24 MR.
    The Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft is based on the Su-24M bomber.
    The main differences were in the use of reconnaissance equipment located on board the aircraft and in outboard containers. From the weapons on the Su-24MR installed missiles for defense against enemy fighters.
    Free-falling bombs with a caliber from 100 to 1500 kg can be placed on all external suspension nodes, the aircraft can carry adjustable laser-guided bombs. A scout is able to perform a combat mission day and night, in any weather conditions.

    A set of plastic parts for the assembly of one model aircraft. The model is assembled with the help of a special glue manufactured by the Zvezda enterprise.

    Paints sold separately from the set.

    The kit includes:

  • castings

  • assembly instructions

  • decal

  • x