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Power & Controllers

Experience precise control and power management with our selection of slot car power supplies and controllers from top brands like AFX and Carrera. These controllers offer ergonomic designs and responsive triggers, allowing you to fine-tune your speed and navigate tight corners with ease. Additionally, our power supplies provide consistent voltage to your slot car track, ensuring reliable performance throughout your races. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned racer, our collection offers a variety of options to enhance your slot car experience. Explore now to find the perfect power supply and controller combination for your slot car track.

Slot car power and controllers are essential components for controlling the speed and performance of slot cars on the track. Here's an overview of power and controllers from AFX and Carrera:

  1. AFX (Tomy AFX):

    • AFX offers a range of power supplies and controllers designed for their slot car racing sets.
    • AFX power supplies typically provide variable voltage output to control the speed of the cars on the track.
    • AFX controllers feature ergonomic designs with variable resistance triggers, allowing racers to adjust the speed of their cars with precision.
    • AFX controllers often come with ergonomic pistol grip handles for comfortable use during extended racing sessions.
  2. Carrera:

    • Carrera provides power bases and controllers for their slot car racing systems, offering both analog and digital options.
    • Carrera power bases feature built-in transformers and power management systems to provide consistent voltage to the track.
    • Carrera controllers are available in wired and wireless configurations, with variable resistance triggers for precise speed control.
    • Carrera controllers often feature ergonomic designs with comfortable grips and intuitive controls for easy operation.

Both AFX and Carrera offer power and controllers designed to provide racers with precise control over their slot cars' speed and performance. Whether you're a beginner or experienced racer, having reliable power and controllers is essential for an enjoyable and competitive slot car racing experience.