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Gundam MG - Master Grade

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Now if you want more detail, mechanics and an inner frame skeleton to show off, then Master Grade kits are for you! They are the next level up from HG kits, and while more expensive, the pay-off is worth it due to the kits’ level of detail, included gimmicks, mechanics and some dry rub decals that will greatly improve the awesomeness of your model.

Master Grade kits only have the 1/100 scale which are usually around 18 cm tall. Some recent MG kits are much larger like the MG Sazabi Ver. Ka and MG Unicorn Full Armor. MG kits have the “MG” abbreviation on the box art, which is colored gold so that you don’t miss the labelling. The kit box sizes vary depending on the number of assembly parts with the largest being from models like the MG Sazabi Ver. Ka.

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