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Hobby Tools

Discover precision and versatility with our extensive range of hobby tools at Hobbytech Toys Perth. From Hobby Knives & Saw Blades to Dremel Rotary Tools, and from Measuring Tools to Soldering Tools, we have everything you need to bring your projects to life. Explore our selection of cutting-edge tools and accessories and take your hobby to the next level!

Learn More About Our Range Of Hobby Tools

  1. Hobby Knife & Saw Blades: These are replacement blades for hobby knives and saws, designed for precision cutting and shaping of various materials such as plastic, wood, and metal.
  2. Hobby Clamps & Vices: Clamps and vices are used to hold workpieces securely in place while working on them, ensuring stability and precision during tasks such as gluing, painting, and assembly.
  3. Cutting Mats: Cutting mats provide a protective surface for cutting and crafting activities, preventing damage to work surfaces and providing measurement guides for accurate cuts.
  4. Dremel Accessories: Accessories for Dremel rotary tools, including cutting discs, grinding stones, sanding drums, and polishing wheels, to expand the versatility and functionality of the tool.
  5. Dremel Rotary Tools: Dremel rotary tools are versatile handheld power tools used for a variety of tasks such as cutting, grinding, sanding, engraving, and polishing in hobby and craft projects.
  6. Hobby Drills & Drill Bits: Hand drills and drill bits for drilling precise holes in various materials, commonly used in model making, woodworking, and jewelry crafting.
  7. Hobby Files: Precision files for shaping and smoothing surfaces, removing excess material, and refining details in hobby and modeling projects.
  8. Micro Hammers: Small hammers used for delicate tasks such as setting small nails, tapping parts into place, and shaping soft metals in fine-scale modeling and jewelry making.
  9. Helping Hands & Holders: Tools with adjustable arms and clips to hold workpieces, parts, or tools in place, providing stability and freeing up hands for detailed work.
  10. Hex Drivers & Screwdrivers: Hex drivers and screwdrivers with interchangeable tips for driving screws and bolts with hexagonal or slotted heads in hobby and DIY projects.
  11. Magnifiers: Magnifying lenses or magnifying lamps for detailed inspection, assembly, and painting of small parts in hobbies such as model making, jewelry crafting, and miniature painting.
  12. Measuring Tools: Tools such as rulers, calipers, and measuring tapes for accurate measurement and layout of dimensions in hobby and modeling projects.
  13. Miscellaneous Hobby Tools: Various specialized tools and accessories for specific hobby and crafting tasks, such as hobby saws, chisels, and carving tools.
  14. Nut Drivers: Hand tools with sockets for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts in hobby and DIY projects, available in various sizes and styles.
  15. Photo Etch Tools: Tools for working with photo-etched metal parts commonly used in scale modeling, including bending, cutting, and shaping tools.
  16. Pliers & Cutters: Precision pliers and cutters for gripping, bending, cutting, and shaping wires, parts, and components in hobby and crafting projects.
  17. Powered Tools: Electric or battery-powered tools such as drills, sanders, and engravers for faster and more efficient execution of hobby and DIY tasks.
  18. Proxxon Accessories: Accessories for Proxxon tools, including drill bits, milling cutters, grinding wheels, and polishing pads, to enhance the capabilities of the tool.
  19. Proxxon Tools: Precision power tools from Proxxon for hobbyists and craftsmen, including rotary tools, mini drills, milling machines, and bench grinders.
  20. Reamers: Precision reamers for enlarging or deburring holes in metal, plastic, or wood, commonly used in model making and machining.
  21. Sanding Accessories: Sanding drums, sanding discs, sanding belts, and sanding pads for smoothing surfaces and removing imperfections in hobby and DIY projects.
  22. Scissors: Precision scissors for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, and other materials in hobby, crafting, and DIY projects.
  23. Soldering Tools: Tools for soldering and desoldering electronic components, including soldering irons, soldering stations, solder wire, solder flux, and desoldering pumps.
  24. Hobby Tool Sets: Comprehensive sets containing a variety of essential hobby tools and accessories for beginners or enthusiasts looking to upgrade their tool collection.
  25. Tweezers: Precision tweezers for handling small parts, components, and decals in model making, jewelry crafting, and other hobbies.
  26. Wire Forming Tools: Tools for shaping and bending wire into various shapes and configurations, commonly used in jewelry making, model making, and crafts.