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Credit Card Verification

Due to the nature of the products we sell being highly susceptible to fraudulent transactions, we have a fraud prevention protocol in place to ensure your protection and ours from fraudulent transactions. We may contact you to confirm additional details. Your order will not be sent until it has passed these fraud prevention protocols. Depending on your bank this may take up to a few days. If we have not received a reply to our request for additional information with 2 days, we will cancel the order and refund the payment back to the method in which you paid.

The following process is required for some card orders placed through our website. Our secure payment provider (PIN Payments) will add a unique 3 digit code in the description of your credit card transaction. This will show up on your online bank statement as shown below (where XXX will be 3 numbers unique to your transaction):

In the example above the pin is 868.

PLEASE NOTE -  we are NOT asking for the personal pin you use to pay with your card or the CVV on the back of your card.