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Puzzle Accessories

Shop puzzle glues, puzzle mats and puzzle accessories at Hobbytech Toys Perth.

Puzzle Glue:

Use this puzzle conserver to keep finished puzzles together. This clear liquid conserver dries after 1 hour. Can be used standard, Starline (Glow) and Textured Ravensburger puzzles. Each tube contains enough glue for 8 puzzles with 500 pieces or 4 puzzles with 1000 pieces.

Puzzle Mat:

Puzzle Mats allow you to securely move and store half-finished puzzles. Just lay your felt mat on the table and puzzle away like normal on top of the mat. When you need to pack it away, just pop the cardboard tube on the felt and roll it up. When you want to work on it again unroll the puzzle roll and your jigsaw pieces will be in the exact same places.