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Fuelling & Starting Accessories

Fuel up and start your RC plane with ease using our complete collection of fuelling and starting accessories. From fuel pumps and fuel filters to electric starters and glow plug igniters, we have everything you need to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably. Our accessories are designed for convenience and durability, making them essential tools for any RC pilot. Whether you're refueling at the flying field or starting up for a flight, trust our collection to make the process seamless and hassle-free. Explore our range of accessories and elevate your RC flying experience today!

RC plane fuelling and starting accessories are essential for safely and efficiently operating nitro-powered RC aircraft. These accessories ensure proper fueling, starting, and handling of the engine, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable flying experience. Here's an overview of some common RC plane fuelling and starting accessories:

1. Fuel Pump:

  • A fuel pump is used to transfer fuel from the fuel bottle or container to the RC plane's fuel tank. It typically features a hand-operated or electric pump mechanism and various adapters to fit different fuel bottle sizes and fueling valves.

2. Fuel Bottle:

  • A fuel bottle is a specially designed container used to store and dispense fuel for RC planes. It usually features a nozzle or spout for easy pouring and may include measurement markings for accurate fueling.

3. Fueling Valve:

  • A fueling valve, also known as a fuel dot or fuel filler, is a small valve installed on the RC plane's fuselage or fuel tank for refueling. It prevents fuel leakage and allows for easy connection to the fuel pump or bottle.

4. Glow Igniter:

  • A glow igniter is a handheld device used to heat the glow plug in the RC engine's cylinder head, igniting the fuel-air mixture and starting the engine. It typically features a rechargeable battery and a glow plug connector.

5. Glow Plug Wrench:

  • A glow plug wrench is a specialized tool used to install, remove, and tighten the glow plug in the engine's cylinder head. It ensures proper installation and prevents damage to the glow plug threads.

6. Starter Wand:

  • A starter wand, also known as a chicken stick, is used to manually spin the engine's propeller to start the engine. It features a rubber or foam handle and a wooden or plastic rod that engages with the engine's flywheel or spinner.

7. Electric Starter:

  • An electric starter is a motorized device used to spin the engine's propeller and start the engine. It typically consists of a handheld starter unit, a rubber or metal starter cone, and a power source such as a rechargeable battery.

8. Starter Shaft:

  • A starter shaft is a metal rod or adapter used to connect the electric starter to the engine's crankshaft or starter shaft. It ensures proper alignment and engagement between the starter and engine.

9. Fuel Line Clips and Clamps:

  • Fuel line clips and clamps are used to secure the fuel lines to the engine, fuel tank, and fueling valve, preventing leaks and ensuring a reliable fuel supply during flight.

10. Fuel Filter:

  • A fuel filter is installed in the fuel line to remove impurities and debris from the fuel, ensuring clean and reliable fuel delivery to the engine. It helps prevent engine damage and performance issues caused by dirty fuel.

These RC plane fuelling and starting accessories are essential for safe and efficient operation of nitro-powered RC aircraft. Proper use of these accessories helps ensure reliable engine starting, smooth performance, and enjoyable flying experiences.