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Explore our collection of empty bottles for modeling, perfect for storing and mixing your paints, thinners, washes, and other hobby liquids. These bottles come in various sizes and styles, including dropper bottles, squeeze bottles, and jars, allowing you to organize and dispense your hobby supplies with ease. Whether you need small bottles for precise paint mixing or larger containers for bulk storage, our collection has options to suit your needs. Keep your modeling workspace organized and efficient with our selection of empty bottles for modeling. Browse now to find the perfect bottles for your hobby projects.

Empty bottles for modeling are essential for storing and mixing paints, thinners, washes, and other hobby liquids. Here's a breakdown of some common options available:

  1. Green Stuff World Empty Bottles: Green Stuff World offers empty plastic dropper bottles in various sizes, typically ranging from 10ml to 60ml. These bottles come with precision dropper tips, making them ideal for dispensing paints, pigments, and other liquids with accuracy.

  2. Army Painter Empty Bottles: Army Painter provides empty plastic dropper bottles designed for hobbyists to store and mix their paints. These bottles are available in different sizes, including 12ml and 18ml, and often come in packs for convenience.

  3. Harder & Steenbeck Empty Bottles: Harder & Steenbeck offers empty glass paint jars with screw-on lids, suitable for storing custom paint mixes or thinning solutions. These jars are typically available in larger sizes, such as 30ml or 50ml, providing ample storage capacity.

  4. Hobbytech Toys Empty Bottles: Hobbytech Toys offers a selection of empty bottles for modeling purposes, including dropper bottles or screw-top jars. These bottles are suitable for various hobby liquids.

When selecting empty bottles for your modeling needs, consider factors such as the size of the bottle, the type of lid or cap (dropper, screw-top), and the material (plastic or glass) based on your preferences and the specific liquids you plan to store.