Tamiya PS Sprays

63 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 63 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 63 products
Tamiya PS-11 Spray Pink
Tamiya PS-12 Spray Silver
Tamiya PS-13 Spray Gold
Tamiya PS-14 Spray Copper
Tamiya PS-15 Spray Met Red
Tamiya PS-16 Spray Metallic Blue
Tamiya PS-18 Spray Metallic Purple
Tamiya PS-19 Spray Camel Yellow
Tamiya PS-2 Spray Red
Tamiya PS-20 Spray Fluorescent Red
Tamiya PS-21 Spray Park Green
Tamiya PS-22 Spray Racing Green
Tamiya PS-25 Spray Bright Green
Tamiya PS-28 Spray Fluorescent Green
Tamiya PS-29 Spray Fluorescent Pink
Tamiya PS-3 Spray Light Blue
Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue
Tamiya PS-32 Pc Spray Corsa Gray
Tamiya PS-33 Spray Cherry Red
Tamiya PS-34 Spray Bright Red
Tamiya PS-36 Spray Translucent Silver
Tamiya PS-4 Spray Blue
Tamiya PS-40 Spray Translucent Pink
Tamiya PS-41 Spray Bright Silver
Tamiya PS-42 Spray Translucent Yellow
Tamiya PS-44 Spray Translucent Green
Tamiya PS-47 Spray Irides Pink/Gold
Tamiya PS-48 Spray Metallic Silver
Tamiya PS-49 Spray Metallic Blue
Tamiya PS-53 Spray Lame Flake
Tamiya PS-6 Spray Yellow
Tamiya PS-61 Spray Metallic Orange
Tamiya PS-62 Pure Orange
Tamiya PS-63 Bright Gun Metal