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HO / OO Track Packs

Create the perfect foundation for your model railway layout with our HO/OO Track Packs from Peco and Hornby. These comprehensive sets include a variety of track pieces, including straights, curves, points, and crossings, providing everything you need to get started or expand your layout. Each pack is carefully curated to ensure compatibility and ease of use, making them ideal for modelers of all skill levels. Explore our collection now and start building your dream layout with ease.

HO and OO track packs offered by Peco and Hornby are comprehensive sets designed to provide model railroaders with the essential track components needed to build or expand their layouts. Let's explore what each manufacturer typically includes in their track packs:

Peco Track Packs: Peco, a renowned manufacturer of model railroad products, offers various track packs catering to different needs and preferences of modelers:

  1. Starter Track Packs:

    • Peco's starter track packs are ideal for beginners and include a basic selection of track pieces to create simple layouts.
    • These packs typically include straight and curved track sections, turnouts (points), and sometimes additional accessories like buffer stops and track nails.
  2. Expansion Track Packs:

    • Peco's expansion track packs are aimed at modelers looking to expand their existing layouts or add new features.
    • These packs may include additional track sections, turnouts, crossings, or specialized track components to enhance layout versatility and operational possibilities.
  3. Accessory Packs:

    • Peco also offers accessory packs that include wiring components, rail joiners, and other accessories needed for track installation and wiring.
    • These packs complement Peco's track systems and provide modelers with everything they need to complete their layouts.

Hornby Track Packs: Hornby, another leading manufacturer in the model railroad industry, offers a range of track packs suitable for both HO and OO scale layouts:

  1. Starter Oval Track Packs:

    • Hornby's starter oval track packs are perfect for beginners and typically include an oval of track, a controller, and a power supply.
    • These packs provide modelers with a simple and convenient way to get started with their model railroad hobby.
  2. Extension Track Packs:

    • Hornby's extension track packs are designed for expanding existing layouts or adding more complexity.
    • These packs may include additional track sections, turnouts, points, and accessories to allow modelers to customize their layouts according to their preferences.
  3. Accessory Packs:

    • Hornby offers various accessory packs containing essential components such as rail joiners, track pins, buffers, and other track accessories.
    • These packs are designed to complement Hornby's track systems and provide modelers with additional options for enhancing their layouts.

In summary, both Peco and Hornby offer a range of HO and OO track packs tailored to the needs of model railroaders at different skill levels. Whether you're starting a new layout or expanding an existing one, these track packs provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for acquiring the necessary track components and accessories to bring your model railroad vision to life.