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RC Plane Engines

Power your RC plane to new heights with our dynamic collection of engines. From reliable two-stroke nitro engines to high-performance gasoline engines, our lineup offers a variety of options to suit your aircraft and flying style. Whether you're seeking smooth and responsive throttle control or blistering speed, our engines deliver the performance and reliability you need for exhilarating flights. Explore our collection and elevate your RC plane's performance with our top-quality engines.

RC plane engines, also known as powerplants, provide the propulsion necessary for remote-controlled (RC) airplanes to fly. These engines come in various types, sizes, and configurations, each offering different performance characteristics and fuel options. Here's an overview of the most common types of RC plane engines:

1. Glow (Nitro) Engines:

  • Glow engines are internal combustion engines that run on a mixture of methanol, nitromethane, and lubricating oil. They use a glow plug for ignition, which is heated by an external power source (glow igniter) to ignite the fuel mixture.
  • Glow engines are popular for their ease of use, reliability, and distinctive sound. They come in sizes ranging from small displacement engines for park flyers to larger displacement engines for sport and scale models.
  • Glow engines require periodic maintenance, including tuning the carburetor, cleaning the fuel system, and replacing glow plugs and engine bearings.

2. Gasoline Engines:

  • Gasoline engines, also known as gas engines or petrol engines, run on gasoline mixed with oil for lubrication. They use a spark plug for ignition, similar to the engines found in full-scale aircraft and automobiles.
  • Gasoline engines offer increased fuel efficiency, longer flight times, and lower operating costs compared to glow engines. They are commonly used in larger RC airplanes, including scale models and aerobatic aircraft.
  • Gasoline engines require a separate ignition system (CDI or electronic ignition module) and may involve more complex installation and setup compared to glow engines.

Overall, RC plane engines come in a variety of types and configurations to suit different aircraft sizes, performance requirements, and flying preferences. Whether you prefer the realism of glow engines, the convenience of electric power, or the high-speed thrills of turbine propulsion, there's an engine option available to meet your needs in the world of RC aviation.