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Evergreen Styrene

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Evergreen Scale Models Is The Worlds Largest Producer Of Polystyrene Plastic Shapes, Strips, And Sheet Materials In Metric And Inch Sizes. You Can Build Clean, Accurate Models Using Evergreen Scale Models Products.

Evergreen Products Are Used By Plastic Modelers, Architects And Artists As Well As Manufactures In The Medical Device, Automotive And Lighting Industries.

The Uses For Evergreen Products Are Only Limited By The Imagination..

Styrene is also commonly called - Plasticard.

How do you prepare styrene for painting?
A light rub with grit paper will remove any fuzz. Spray painting provides the best finish on polystyrene particularly when the model represents well maintained wood sheathing or a metal surface. All types of model paints can be sprayed directly on polystyrene.

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