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HO / OO Buildings and Structures

Welcome to our collection of HO and OO scale buildings and structures! Whether you're a seasoned model railroader or just starting out, our range of meticulously crafted buildings will bring your layout to life. From charming houses and bustling cityscapes to industrial warehouses and quaint country cottages, we have something to suit every scene and era. With realistic details and high-quality materials, our buildings are designed to withstand the test of time. Explore our collection now and add the perfect finishing touch to your model railroad. Start building your dream layout today!

HO and OO scale buildings and structures are essential components of model railroad layouts, adding realism, atmosphere, and detail to the scene. Here's an overview of buildings and structures in both scales:

1. Types of Buildings and Structures:

  • Houses and Residences: Model houses and residential buildings come in various architectural styles, representing different eras and regions. They add a sense of community and realism to model railroad layouts, depicting suburban neighborhoods, rural villages, and urban landscapes.

  • Commercial Buildings: Commercial structures include shops, offices, factories, warehouses, and other businesses. These buildings add activity and visual interest to model railroad scenes, portraying the bustling economic activity of towns and cities.

  • Industrial Facilities: Industrial structures represent factories, mills, refineries, and other industrial complexes. They feature large-scale machinery, loading docks, and industrial architecture, reflecting the industrial heritage of many regions.

  • Railway Infrastructure: Railway buildings and structures include stations, depots, signal towers, water towers, coaling towers, turntables, roundhouses, and maintenance facilities. They are essential for recreating the operational aspects of railroads and adding authenticity to model railroad layouts.

  • Scenic Elements: Scenic elements such as bridges, tunnels, viaducts, platforms, platforms, and platforms add visual interest and depth to model railroad landscapes. They create naturalistic scenes and facilitate the smooth operation of trains across different terrain.

2. Features of HO and OO Scale Buildings and Structures:

  • Detail: HO and OO scale buildings and structures feature highly detailed construction, including realistic textures, architectural details, signage, and weathering effects. They capture the character and charm of real-life buildings, enhancing the realism of model railroad layouts.

  • Compatibility: HO and OO scale buildings and structures are designed to fit seamlessly into model railroad layouts of the corresponding scale. They are compatible with standard track and rolling stock, allowing for easy integration and customization.

  • Modularity: Many HO and OO scale buildings and structures are modular, allowing modelers to customize and expand their layouts. Modular kits can be combined and arranged in various configurations to create unique scenes and layouts.

3. Manufacturers and Models:

  • Several manufacturers produce HO and OO scale buildings and structures, offering a wide range of models to suit different eras, regions, and themes. Some prominent manufacturers include:

    • Hornby
    • Bachmann
    • Metcalfe Models
    • PECO
    • Walthers
    • Woodland Scenics
    • Faller
    • Kibri
    • Vollmer
  • These manufacturers offer a diverse selection of buildings and structures, including ready-to-assemble kits, pre-built models, and scratch-building supplies.

4. Detailing and Customization:

  • Many HO and OO scale buildings and structures come with optional detailing parts and accessories, allowing modelers to customize and enhance their appearance. Aftermarket parts, such as doors, windows, signs, and architectural details, are also available for added realism.

5. Operational Realism:

  • HO and OO scale buildings and structures enable modelers to create realistic and immersive environments for their model railroad layouts. They provide settings for prototypical operations, storytelling, and scene-building, enhancing the overall experience for modelers and viewers alike.

HO and OO scale buildings and structures play a crucial role in bringing model railroad layouts to life, adding depth, character, and authenticity to scenes and settings. With their high level of detail, modularity, and compatibility, HO and OO scale buildings offer modelers endless possibilities for creating realistic and captivating model railroad layouts.

Most HO Scale Buildings require assembly and painting as they are shipped as a "Kit".

Glue & Paint are sold separately.