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Futaba SBUS & Telemetry

Unlock the full potential of your Futaba radio system with our range of SBUS and Telemetry accessories! Enhance your control and monitoring capabilities with SBUS devices for streamlined communication and telemetry sensors for real-time data feedback. Explore our selection of accessories to take your Futaba setup to the next level of performance and precision.

Futaba SBUS and telemetry accessories complement the advanced features of Futaba RC systems, offering additional functionality, convenience, and customization options for remote-controlled vehicles and aircraft. Here are some common Futaba SBUS and telemetry accessories:

1. Telemetry Sensors:

  • Battery Voltage Sensors: Monitor the voltage of your LiPo or NiMH battery packs during operation to prevent over-discharge and ensure safe flight or driving.
  • Temperature Sensors: Measure the temperature of critical components such as motors, ESCs, and engines to prevent overheating and damage.
  • RPM Sensors: Monitor the rotational speed of your motor or engine for optimal performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Altitude Sensors: Measure the altitude of your aircraft for precision control and navigation in aerial applications.
  • Airspeed Sensors: Monitor the airspeed of your aircraft for performance optimization and flight planning.
  • GPS Modules: Provide real-time GPS location data for accurate navigation, waypoint tracking, and return-to-home functionality.

2. Telemetry Display Units:

  • LCD Screens: Dedicated telemetry display units with built-in screens for viewing real-time telemetry data during operation.
  • Smartphones/Tablets: Use compatible apps and Bluetooth modules to display telemetry data on your smartphone or tablet for convenient monitoring.
  • Futaba Transmitters: Some Futaba transmitters feature built-in telemetry screens or telemetry-ready interfaces for displaying telemetry data directly on the transmitter's screen.

3. Telemetry Receivers:

  • Dedicated Telemetry Receivers: Additional receivers with telemetry capabilities for expanding your telemetry system and monitoring multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • Integrated Telemetry Receivers: Some Futaba receivers feature built-in telemetry capabilities, allowing you to monitor telemetry data without the need for additional modules or receivers.

4. Telemetry Modules:

  • Telemetry Modules: External telemetry modules that connect to your Futaba transmitter or receiver to enable telemetry functionality.
  • Data Loggers: Telemetry modules with built-in data logging capabilities for recording and analyzing telemetry data during and after operation.

5. Telemetry Accessories:

  • Telemetry Cables: Extension cables and adapters for connecting telemetry sensors, modules, and receivers to your RC system.
  • Mounting Hardware: Mounting brackets, plates, and hardware for securely installing telemetry sensors and modules on your vehicle or aircraft.
  • Antennas: Replacement or upgraded antennas for telemetry receivers and modules to optimize signal reception and range.

6. Telemetry Alarms and Alerts:

  • Audible Alarms: Programmable audible alarms and alerts that notify you when telemetry parameters exceed preset thresholds, such as low battery voltage or high temperature.
  • Vibration Alerts: Some transmitters feature vibration alerts that provide tactile feedback when telemetry alarms are triggered, ensuring you don't miss important notifications during flight or driving.

7. Telemetry Software and Apps:

  • Futaba Software: Official Futaba software for configuring telemetry settings, programming alarms, and analyzing telemetry data on your computer.
  • Third-Party Apps: Compatible third-party software and apps for viewing, logging, and analyzing telemetry data on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

These accessories expand the capabilities of Futaba SBUS and telemetry systems, allowing you to monitor and control your RC vehicles with greater precision, safety, and convenience. Whether you're a beginner or experienced hobbyist, these accessories enhance your RC experience by providing valuable insights and customization options for your telemetry system.